Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Zuzana and for few years I got addicted to Yoga and got absorbed by Ayurveda.

As a person coming from corporate world after years of stressed and high achieving lifestyle I got to the point where my mind and body strived for peace, calm and unity.

I feel many people are or getting into this stage and trying to find the way out of our unsustainable way of living. Whether it is a pain in your body or unease in your mind I strongly believe that switching a computer/phone screen and getting to yoga mat to stretch your body will help you massively.

Ultimately, the biggest boost I come to comprehend so far is Ayurvedic massage and consultation. After my first Ayurvedic check I understood my own body imbalances, I became aware of triggers which made me feel angry, anxious and frustrated. By applying the correct choices for my diet and lifestyle I immediately started to feel better and my body and mind started to glow again. Thus, I desire to share this knowledge and help others to find their own balanced spot.

Namaste with Love!

My Certification:

– 100 hours YTT – Balanz-s , Den Haag, Netherlands

– 200 hours YTT – Luminuous Heart Institute, Montezuma, Costa Rica

All 300 hours are under Yoga Alliance Certification

Certified Ayurvedic Massage Therapist – Ayurveda Institute UK, London